Safe Application and Use

Safe Application and Use of IR3535® Products

What is the proper way to use insect repellents? Authorities, other health institutions and scientists considered this question. These considerations are summarized as use instructions on products or on webpages about insect protection of humans. Please find below a collection of use recommendations which are valid for all insect repellents. For insect repellents with active substances other than IR3535® additional safety instructions may be required (like use limitations for children).

Insect Repellent Use on Skin

  • Follow the label directions
  • Do not use under clothing
  • Do not apply near eyes and mouth
  • Spray on hands first and then apply to face
  • Never use repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin
  • Avoid breathing a spray product, and do not use it near food
  • Do not use any product on pets or other animals unless the label clearly states it is for animals
  • Do not allow children to handle these products, and do not apply to children’s hands.

Insect Repellent Use on Hair

There are some products with IR3535® on the market in the EU and Mexico for protection against Lice. Please find below a publication which will help you to understand this kind of products and the safe use.

download (PDF) – A Valide Tool in Lice Prevention – Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate