Mosquito Protection

Mosquitoes: We are all “Attractive”

Anyone and everyone attracts mosquitoes. Our skin odor and the carbon dioxide in our breath help them to find us.  If we sweat we are especially powerless against female mosquitoes that draw our blood to feed their offspring. Microorganisms create our skin odor and they influence our specific attractiveness. In addition, our body temperature, some perfumes and dark clothing may make us vulnerable to mosquitoes. Some light sources attract mosquitoes too.
Since some of us are awfully attractive to insects, mosquito bites can get almost unbearable. If we visit areas where mosquitoes are infected with viruses (Dengue, West Nile, Chinkungunya) and parasites (Malaria), the pest becomes a mortal danger.
Learn about the Attacker

Protection: Learn about the Attacker

Education about species and their habits is essential in high risk areas. The Dengue mosquito (Aedes agypti) in Latin America and Asia bite during the day when  mosquito net protection is more limited in comparison to the night biting species like Malaria mosquitoes (Anopheles) in Africa and the Amazon region or West Nile mosquitoes (Culex species) in North America. Standing water is the habitat of mosquito larva and supports mosquito reproduction. Clever handling of water sources like swimming pools, wells and watering places can save lives.
Protection is Essential

Mosquitoes: Protection is Essential

Sometimes we step into nature and nothing else can help us against mosquito bites other than a insect repellent on our skin. Air repellents like clip-on products are limited with regards to effectiveness because even a gentle breeze can affect the protection of our skin since the insecticides or repellents blow away. You can find useful recommendations for safe use and application of skin repellents in the button below.
Protection with IR3535®

Protection with IR3535®

Nature, the sun and a gentle breeze provide us pure enjoyment. Sticky and oily repellents on our skin can prevent that happiness. Insect repellents with IR3535® are known to provide a good skin feeling. This is just one of many positive attributes that make this repellent unique. Though IR3535® shows equal efficacy to DEET and is proven to be an excellent shield against mosquitoes, it is also gentle to both human and insect. In comparison, repellents like DEET have a toxic effect on the insect (Licciardi, 2006). Overall, IR3535® shows the better safety profile not only for insects but for humans as well (Puccetti  G, 2006).

IR3535 against Mosquitoes: How it works