Tick Protection
CPL, Complete Protection Time in hours

The Effectiveness of IR3535® Against Ticks

To give you an insight into the protection times which can be provided with good IR3535® formulations, we collected the study results below for 1.) lotion with 10% IR3535®  2.) pump spray with 20% IR3535® and 3.) an aerosol with 20% IR3535®. Ten volunteers used each formulation and tested protection times against the tick Ixodes scapularis in a laboratory. The ticks were placed on the upper part of the arm and as long as the ticks did not cross the area covered with the repellent formulation it was effective. The test measured the average time during which a group of people were 100% protected.  The measured value is named “Complete Protection Time” (CPT) in the attached chart.

  • Each tested formulation with IR3535® fulfilled the claim “up to 8 hour protection”, which confirms long lasting repellency against ticks

Graph above: Repellency against ticks tested in a laboratory: Complete Protection Time in hours of 10 volunteers.

Table below: Repellency against blacklegged ticks in the laboratory: mean (± sd) and range of Complete Protection Time in hours of 10 volunteers.

RepellentMean CPTRange
Lotion9.1 ± 2.55.0–12.0
Pump Spray12.2 ± 2.86.5–15.0
Aerosol11.0 ± 2.84.3–14.0