Mosquito Protection
CPL, Complete Protection Time in hours

The Effectiveness of IR3535® Against Mosquitoes... summarized in the study results of one field study performed with three formulations in California, USA. Ten people tested each formulation in the field against Aedes, Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes . All three formulations (lotion with 10% IR3535®, pump spray & an aerosol with 20%IR3535®) get Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval in the USA to use the claim “protection for up to 8 hours”. Please refer to the graph and table below showing the effectiveness of IR3535®, even if the concentration is lower than most DEET products in the USA.
  • Each tested formulation with IR3535® fulfilled the claim “up to 8 hour protection”, which confirms long lasting repellency against mosquitoes.

The graph above shows repellency against mosquitoes in nature: Complete Protection Time in hours of 10 volunteers.

Table below: Repellency against mosquitoes in nature: mean (± sd) and range and of Complete Protection Time in hours of 10 volunteers:

RepellentMean CPTRange
Lotion with 10% IR3535®
Marsh8.5 ± 0.87.8–10
Forest7.3 ± 0.96.0–8.5
Pump Spray with 20% IR3535®
Marsh8.4 ± 0.87.7–10
Forest7.1 ± 1.05.0–8.0
Aerosol with 20% IR3535®
Grassland10.3 ± 0.0-
Forest9.8 ± 0.38.8–9.8