Lice Protection
number of lice collected on children head

The Effectiveness of IR3535® Against Lice

Bio-Clinical studies with IR3535® showed that protection is possible for at least two days if the product is not rinsed with water. This is an excellent protection time period in comparison to some natural actives used as lice repellents. Recently, a Bio-Clinical study was performed with 80 heavily infested children. One group received a 20% formulation with IR3535® and the other group received a placebo after anti-lice treatment. A significant difference between the IR3535® protected group and the placebo group was observed after 8 days. Results are shown below. 

  • 20% IR3535® formulations can protect at least 2 days, if not rinsed with water.

Graph: 80 children with lice infestation in a high risk lice area in Brazil were included in the study and treated with an anti-lice product. The most lice were removed by this treatment from childrens heads. 40 children were treated with 20% IR3535® prevention spray or an placebo product afterwards. A re-infestation with lice on childrens heads was significant lower in the group treated with IR3535® (2 live lice) in comparison to the placebo group (26 live lice). Only live lice are a sign of an infestation.