Fly Protection
Are Flies just a Nuisance?

Protection not Necessary? Are Flies just a Nuisance?

When we think about flies, the standard house fly is what comes to mind. They buzz about and are attracted to our food. However, flies can be much more dangerous.
Black Flies – A Risk For Humans and Animals

We Protect You: Black Flies – A Risk For Humans and Animals

There are some flies which have a bite similar to mosquitoes. Black flies, for example, are tiny, but their bites are very painful for us and animals. These mini flies can appear by the hundreds and have bites that can itch and persist for several days. Their bites cut into the skin and can cause allergic reactions that could lead to  fever, nausea and dermatitis ("black fly fever“). However, this is not the worst case scenario. Black flies infected about 18 million people in Africa with “river blindness” which is caused by a parasite.
The black fly nuisance occurs from morning to evening close to rivers. Wear light colored clothing for your protection as they are highly attracted to dark colors.
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kuhlow showed that IR3535 can protect people against black flies in 1975. He tested 25% IR3535 in an alcoholic solution and found that volunteers were protected 98.6% for 5 hours.
Sand Flies – Tiny but Dangerous | Source: Public Health Image Library (PHIL), ID# 10277 | Photo: James Gathany

Sand Flies – Tiny but Dangerous

Another fly which poses a danger is the sand fly. This tiny, long-legged fly bites more often during the evening hours. Oily hairs allow this fly to appear whitish when illuminated („asa branca“). In addition to possible allergic reactions and inflammation around the affected area, sand flies transmit fever, bartonellosis and leischmaniasis in many parts of the world. Again, you can protect yourself with clothing and insect repellents.

The effectiveness of IR3535® against sand-fly.