Animal Protection

Protection for our Friends: Pets are Part of Family

How can you leave your pets outside safely? One of the best and most affordable ways to ensure your pet's safety is prevention via a variety of repellent products.
Dogs, cats and even horses are susceptible to attracting a variety of flies, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes. These biting pests can put animals at risk for developing a host of issues that include Lyme disease, heartworms and West Nile Virus.

Insects which are a risk for your pet:


Insects which are a Risk for Your Pet

  • Sand Fly
    Although sand fleas are small, their bites often sting and cause an area of swelling that may appear around the bite. They feed on humans and animals and their bites are painful but not inherently dangerous. However, some sand fly species carry diseases like Leishmaniases which can be problematic for their victims.
  • Fleas
    Fleas can make your pet's life miserable. They bite animals and cause itching. If your pet is allergic to fleas, effects can be severe hair loss, inflammation and scratching.
  • Ticks
    Ticks are arachnids that will bite and burrow into a pet's skin. Many ticks carry a multitude of harmful diseases that include Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Babesia and Ehrlichiosis. Although these conditions can often be treated they also can cause death or severe chronic illness.
  • Mosquitoes
    Mosquitoes are not only annoying to humans but to animals as well. Mosquitoes will fly around and bite whatever skin they have access to whether it belongs to a human or animal. Not only will mosquitoes cause pain with their bites but they can also spread heartworm disease to both cats and dogs. Heartworms can cause serious problems and death if left untreated.
  • Horse and Deer Flies
    Bites can be very painful but these flies do not transmit disease in humans. Horse flies are more likely to attack livestock, including horses, where their persistent biting can adversely affect animal health. Both flies are active during daylight hours.

Keep all of these critters away with products containing IR3535®, the best prevention you can take to ensure they won't harm your animals!

Some Pets Living Outdoor

Some Pets Living Outdoor

We know that horses cannot live indoors with us; that also goes for some dogs and cats whose owners leave them outdoors. Due to the fact they live outdoors, these animals are more likely to be bitten and infected.
However, living inside in no way eliminates the chances of being infected. All indoor dogs must go outside several times a day so the chances of contact are still very likely.  For all of these reasons, we also highly recommend the use of repellents in animals.
Insects can be Harmful: Safe Products are Required

Insects can be Harmful: Safe Products are Required

Safety is a major concern because pets groom themselves. Therefore, animal products need actives and coformulants that have an excellent safety profile like IR3535®.
The most common application products on the market are: pump sprays, gels, wipes, spot on products and roll-ons. In any case, leave on products are needed because the repellent has to be on the skin or hair in order to be effective.