IR3535® - the nature inspired insect repellent

About IR3535®

Insect Repellent, Mosquito, Tick, Fly and Lice Protection – Nature inspired us
Insect repellents are very important for all of us: Nature as an infinite source of inspiration for scientific and technological innovations helped us to develop a new fascinating product to protect you and your animals.
Even the idea of repellent protection was adopted from plants that produce essential oils for combating against insect infestation. Essential oils protect the skin for a very short time; therefore, scientists looked for effective solutions with a prolonged defense against insects.
During the research and development of the Insect Repellent 3535 (IR3535®, Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate), scientists again took  inspirations from nature with the intention to create a molecule with optimized protection and safety.
The naturally occurring amino acid ß-alanine was used as basic module in IR3535®. More than 30 years of investigations and use proved  that the modifications done for IR3535® provided a skin friendly substance of high safety. In addition, IR3535® even controls insects via a mode of action which do not affect the insect. These positive attributes led to the use of IR3535® in many products developed specifically for children.

How can I find products with IR3535® in Pharmacies and other Shops?

Products with IR3535® are offered via pharmacies in some countries and via cosmetic shops, outdoor-shops, supermarkets and home improvement stores in other countries. “IR3535” is a short name (brand name) and not necessarily used for labelling all the time. We collected the chemical names and numbers which will help you to identify products which contain IR3535®:

  • IUPAC: 3-(N-n-Butyl-N-acetyl)aminopropionic acid ethyl ester
  • BPD notified Name: Ethyl N-acetyl-N-butyl-ß-alaninate
  • INCI: Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate
  • CAS number: 52304-36-6